amWe are excited to introduce Del Sur Bar & Grill as a Latin American cuisine inspired restaurant with a kick to it. Chef Jorge Hernandez was inspired by all of the foods he was able to try as a chef, but he was particularly intrigued by the variety of flavors in Latin/Hispanic based foods. Jorge has created plenty of exquisite dishes that people of all ages can enjoy. We wish to provide only the best of flavors for our customers and great care, too!

Meet the Chef and Owner!


Jorge’s inspiration to open his own restaurant was sculpted around all the food he previously worked with and the food he grew up eating. Jorge has been able to prepare a variety of dishes throughout his life, and has had the chance to work with other very talented chefs in the heart of downtown Chicago. Jorge worked at Bistro 110 for roughly 10 years. There, Jorge prepared delicious french platters with chef Domique Toung. Jorge also prepared great all-american dishes at Park Grill with Chef Bernie Laskowski for about 5 years. He then proceeded to grow more with flavors as he prepared American-Irish dishes at The Gage. Jorge prepared and experimented with many flavors here along with chef Dirk Flanigan for about 9 years. Jorge loves the restaurant scene and has friends outside of where he has worked that have also inspired him. In particular, Jorge was inspired by his friend Rhea Brown, who worked as the chef at Carnival and restaurant Maya del Sol.

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